The bell for the university looks like it was once an old, tall propane cylinder with the bottom cut off. The security guards wallop it with a short piece of steel rebar to mark the beginning and end of periods/breaks. It seems that if I’m within 20 or 30 feet of it I have to cover at least one ear so the shrill sounds don’t hurt.

My computer has finally arrived and it is so nice to finally be able to work at home again. This morning I finished my teaching for one of my first-year classes, and I’m going to finish the other one this afternoon. Also, this week I’ve started teaching an evening class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I decided to teach this class because I’ll be here most of the summer with little or nothing to do except for my own little projects, and I have a tendency to procrastinate if I’m left to my own devices. Having a class throughout the summer will maintain my work ethic. I hope.

Last night Steven and I indulged in our latest fad of making grilled cheese in the kitchen. We can buy very processed butter and sandwich bread here in Long Xuyen, but we ask certain friends of ours to bring cheese from Can Tho when they visit on the weekends. It’s a nice break from Vietnamese food when we’re not feeling like it. Steven also has quite a collection of different Tabasco sauces, and we’re particularly fond of the jalapeno flavor on the grilled cheese. If only I could find tomato soup… and fresh milk… and dill pickles…

Lately, the weather is very strange, the sun is really hot this morning, but yesterday evening it was overcast and breezy, and Steven and I found it slightly cool driving around on the bike. I’m not sure what can be blamed for it. Also, I was thinking last night that I’ve never seen a thermometer in this country. I’ve seen the weather forecast on T.V., but that’s T.V. I haven’t particularly gone out seeking a thermometer, but I haven’t seen them for sale either.


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