I thought I heard a strong, but steady gust of wind outside my window. I turned around to see a rather heavy rain falling, but the sun was still shining. I’ve experienced this phenomenon several times since I’ve been here, i.e. rain while the sun is shining, but the rain has never been this heavy before. I’m just glad I wasn’t out in it.

With my daytime classes finished, I find myself not really knowing what I’m doing during the day. There are no activities to prepare, and after I completed the final exams in all their bureaucratic glory, I don’t have much to do during the day; just little tasks regarding reviews for finals or other little things.

I’m not exactly sure how this summer is going to work out. I have a workshop with Dan Wessner at the end of this month, and at some point in July I’m going to Hue and Hanoi to visit Tyler and the other MCCers in the north, respectively. But other than my evenings teaching, not much else is planned. I’m hoping this means some day trips around the Delta. Some little excursions to discover the culture of this interesting and hot land.


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