Two things I was thinking about today: The way my university students stand up whenever I or any other teacher enters the classroom and say: “Good morning/afternoon, teacher!” And this process is repeated at the end of class too. I’ll say the final, “Any questions?” and then tell them they can go, but they’ll sit around a talk to each other or something while I pack up my things, and then when I turn to go out of the room, they’ll all jump to their feet and say, “Goodbye, teacher!” Julie once said that the students here spoil you, and it’s so true. Where in America is that kind of respect shown to teachers, even if the students despise them?

Another thing, perhaps superficial of me to think this, but the light switches here are different; something that I’ve never seen at home. Not the usual protruding plastic bit that I grew up with. Here they look like this:

light switch


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