Long time no post. Things got really crazy for about two weeks here. Dan was here with his family and a couple teachers for a workshop which lasted for about 4 packed days, and in the midst of it Jon came here to be a resource for the other teachers as they work with this new “learning platform” and do some research on it. And I’ve been living in the old guesthouse, out of my normal zone and Buong took a long time t adjust to the new room and a new person (Jon) living in the room with him. He’s okay now, but tomorrow I finally get to move back to my old room in the new guesthouse.

I’m writing this from a café with a wireless internet connection. In Long Xuyen. In the Mekong Delta. In Vietnam. It seems like something that you wouldn’t normally expect to hear existed. But here I am, and this is not the only place in town with a free wireless connection. I was talking to Jon about America, and he told me that it is nearly impossible to find free wireless connections near where he lives. I found that strange, because all the places that I know of wireless internet in Vietnam, it’s free. I don’t know how to properly explain that phenomenon.

The weather now seems to be going through periods of extremes: Several days of rain and clouds blotting out the sun, followed by intensely sunny and hot days; days where you can feel the sun burning your skin, even as you drive along on a motorbike. The periods of rain and no sun are attributable to a storm in the South China Sea that I was shown on some satellite map, but I’m not really sure where the sun is coming from. This is the rainy season after all.


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