It’s approaching noon on a Sunday and my balcony door is open and rain is falling outside. Sunday is the one true weekend day that we all have in Vietnam, and it usually ends up being a rather lazy day. I’m slightly worried about the fact that I have to start teaching a new class tomorrow and I’m not really sure what I’ll be teaching and I surely don’t have much time to prepare, but this is Vietnam after all, and I should be used to these changes out of the blue.

Last night was the farewell party for an Australian girl, Racheline, who’s been working here for about a year. Unfortunately, the other “university” foreigners and I have never spent much time with her, but the times we have spent together and really fun. She has the kind of personality, that no matter how bad you feel, you’ll have a much better outlook on life after a few minutes of talking to her. So, even though we didn’t really spend much time together, I’m going to miss her not being around.



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