We’ve had several days of lots of rain here. It’s an unusual rain: it drizzles for hours on end. Luckily it didn’t rain this morning for the opening ceremony of AGU. There were a few songs and speeches, and it seemed to be shorter than last year. But the real fun of opening ceremony is after everything is over, when students come running up and say “Teacher! Teacher! Take a picture with me!” Tyler and I were accosted for at least 15 minutes before we could make our way off of campus.

Last night was our second evening of Movie Night this year. However, workers had moved all of the benches from the room outside in preparation for the opening ceremony. This meant that students had to sit on the long tables in the room. However, when this happened the students in the back of the room couldn’t read the subtitles then. Not long after I looked behind me and students had started stacking tables on top of other tables to see the subtitles. Just another example of students here at AGU taking a problem and working around it.


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