This week was music week for my American studies class. I made a CD beginning with old fiddle songs and then progressing through modern songs. There were 21 total, and I wrote out the lyrics to all of them and gave them to the students. I know I had fun in class. I hope the students did too. It’s not every day that you see Vietnamese students, usually so quiet and respectful, tapping their feet and desks along to the music of “Gospel Plow,” or singing along with Hank Williams at 8:30 in the morning. This morning I even brought my guitar to class and sang a couple verses of “Don’t think twice, it’s alright.” I decided to teach in this manner because this particular class is supposed to be about America. I thought, “What better way to try to understand a culture than by looking at its art.” I’m going to try to teach some modern literature in a few weeks, and I hope I can get them into it too.


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