Last Thursday, after finishing all my work early, I headed to Ho Chi Minh City with Hendrik and Tri. We left early in the morning and somehow I slept through the extremely bumpy road which seems to be a least half of the road to the city. I’m surprised that I didn’t get sleep-whiplash or something.

We made it through the bus ride and Hendrik and I collapsed at the hotel. The main purpose of this particular trip, in my opinion, was to eat; more specifically, to eat things that I can’t eat in Long Xuyen. So, after we were all checked in and whatnot and Tri had arrived with his motorbike, we headed for pizza. Tri has always said that he likes it, but he confessed to not having eaten it for three or four years. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and we had to take leftovers back to the hotel. We ate so much that the two of us just slept until later in the evening before going out for a very light dinner.

The remainder of the time was spent eating and buying foodstuffs that we can’t buy or only dream about in Long Xuyen. These included: three different kinds of Tabasco sauce, feta cheese, spaghetti sauce, etc. But I thought it would be appropriate to write down a kind of food diary me (sometimes Hendrik and I ate the same thing):

-Thursday Lunch: Stuffed-crust pizza (lots of it).
-Thursday Dinner: French Fries Canadian Style (with gravy and bits of feta cheese).
-Friday Lunch: Double cheeseburgers (the closest thing that Vietnam has to McDonalds).
-Friday Dinner: Weiner Schnitzel, home fries, cabbage, and traditional German noodles (It was German night and I was traveling with an expert).
-Saturday Breakfast: French Toast (with good coffee and bad tomato juice).
-Saturday Lunch: Big, juicy bacon cheeseburgers.
-Saturday Late Dinner: Burritos that we carried on the bus ride home (with jalapenos).

We definitely had our fill of good stuff. And then on Sunday morning Hendrik, Steven and I met Sharla to eat lots of greasy beef and eggs for breakfast, and the good food continued.


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