Recently there seems to be more breeze around here, and it’s overcast today which adds to the cooler feel. I must say that it’s nice in class now that there is more than just the four fans trying to cool the place down. The students are practicing like mad for Teacher’s Day performances, and most of these performances involve dancing. I’m planning on attending one of these events on Friday to support some of my students that will be performing.

I’ve also been keeping one website open all the time to try and track the election results from back home. I’m sure that back in the States you have all been hearing about it for months on end, and you might be sick of election news by now. I’ve been trying to keep on top of it recently, but I can only do so much with the internet. Is there a lot of excitement going into this election? I’ve read things predicting high turnout and lots of young voters, but is it true? Are people finally realizing that apathy leads to disasters?

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