Let’s see what’s happened since the last posting…

Those ominous clouds that I was talking about, they contained some of the most violent lightning and loud thunder that I’ve ever experienced. This storm knocked out the internet at home, and also the power for some time too. The internet is still down, but most other things are back to normal. This particular storm also killed the power to half of the guesthouse, and this particular half included our water pump, so after about a day, we had no water at home. Like I said before though, things are back to normal now, but it was very different for a day or two

Also between these times was Teacher’s Day. The events for this involved half a week of performances by teachers and students, and cumulated in a ceremony with some other performances on Monday morning. Tyler and I were performing a song with two other Vietnamese teachers (in Vietnamese), but after working hard to memorize the words, the words left my head when I stepped out on stage. But it was fun. I heard huge screams and cheers as we started singing.

Now, things are starting to wind down a bit for the semester I have two more weeks of teaching listening and speaking and American Studies, and then a little more of British Literature. I don’t know what it is about the end of a semester, when things are actually slowing down, that makes things feel more hectic than they actually are.


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