Things are still slowing down slightly at this time. I actually had a little time off to escape to the big city for pizza and relaxation and English TV. Sharla and I decided to make a quick trip just for fun, and, like I usually do, I called the hotel in the city. The hotel that I’ve always stayed at since I arrived here is a place called “The Splendor” or in Vietnamese, “Huy Hoang.” When I called them, the phone just kept ringing and ringing. I had heard from Hendrik a few days before that it was closed, but I refused to believe it. Sharla and I had all but decided to find a cheap place in the tourist area, which we both hate, because we really didn’t know anywhere else to stay off the top of our heads. But then we walked over to the Huy Hoang and I talked to one of the middle-aged women that sells coffee outside. She told me that the hotel had been sold. I later found out that it was being remodeled and would open again in about six months, with new ownership. All of this news came as a little of a shock. The staff there were so nice all the time, and I had always stayed there when I went to Ho Chi Minh City. I guess that I should pay more attention to that old saying, that there are only two things that are certain in life: death and taxes.


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