And now, one of two of my subjects are now finished, but there’s still grading to do. If you’ve clicked on the link over on the left-hand side of this page, you’ve seen the IC3 learning platform that I’ve been using to teach listening and speaking this semester. Well, today was the final day for that class. We put in extra time to end a day early. So, from 7 a.m. till 11 a.m. I was in class with my second-year students. We talked about the film Good Night, and Good Luck, which was difficult for them to understand. Then we answered some guiding questions from the book. And that was all I had planned for. This curriculum/learning platform that I’ve been using includes small sections on the Vietnamese language, and for the remainder of our time in class, I had my students get up to the front of the class and, using the same book that we’ve been using all of the semester, teach me Vietnamese. The students seemed to enjoy it, and I had fun, and they taught me short songs in Vietnamese, and I thought it was a great way to end the semester. I told them I’ll try to have a Christmas party with them next month.


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