Sometimes there are just these days. Sometimes there is just one straw too many. Sometimes it just feels like you should give up on everything that you’ve accomplished. Little things that just get to you and make you feel like no one appreciates you and you should just pick up and leave everything that you’ve started and all of those that you’re trying to help. These things stem from personal vendettas and grudges that should not be part of professional educational institutions, especially those that are trying to rapidly develop to meet international standards. These grudges and vendettas tend to happen in Vietnam, or at least I notice it more here, than in America. I think it has something to do with the amount of conflict here that people refuse to address. So little things grow and grow inside people until people turn bitter. And I’m not one to say much either; I know I suppress things, but it really has gotten to a ridiculous point here. Today was another one of those days where I was so close to just calling someone and telling them that I was leaving and going home; that I was not appreciated here; that I was tired of living with all of these petty conflicts. I felt better later in the afternoon, but still, all of this unprofessional conduct is certainly not becoming to a quickly developing institution.


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