I stepped outside this morning to discover that the paving stones around our guesthouse were moist. The drive to campus was cool, and the sky was overcast. Only when I talked to some friends over coffee and breakfast were my suspicions confirmed: it rained early this morning, about 4 a.m. I thought it was supposed to be the dry season now! I have no idea why this weather is defying the logic of the seasons. But then again, I read some stories saying that the Eastern part of the states has received no snow this winter, while the prairie states and been hit with blizzards. And can we really blame everything on El Nino?

A month or so ago I wrote a proposal for a project to do over this coming semester: to set up a website hosted by the university that would help new foreign volunteers (and perhaps tourists…) navigate their way around AGU and the town of Long Xuyen. When I talked to some other foreigners they responded enthusiastically, so I’m hoping I can start moving forward on this to help future volunteers avoid the confusion that I went through during my early times here.


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