I went to bed after a solid day of drizzling, and woke up the next morning to cool air. I’m talking the kind of cool where you’re forced to wear something more than shirtsleeves unless you like goosebumps. So I had a chance to wear my jacket around; to the office, to breakfast, to coffee, etc.

This morning, Dr. Xuan stepped into the office to explain a little about the artists concept of the new AGU campus. We had a digital rendering of an aerial view, and the buildings and layout was explained. Also, I learned that hopefully in 2 years, some of the office buildings will be in use, and AGU will begin to migrate to the new campus, which is not that far away. Before lunch Hendrik and I rode out to check the construction process. There were a lot of ditch-diggers and other various earthmoving equipment parked around. Concrete sewer pipes were laid out, and the fence around the place is also under construction. I’m excited that AGU has finally found the funding to begin its expansion.

This is the picture we were looking at:


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