Currently, the first-year students here at AGU are in the process of military training. It’s something that happens every spring semester; the students stop studying for a month, have special classes, learn how to march and disassemble and reassemble an AK-47. At least this is what I’ve learned from observation. Also, they have to wear olive-colored uniforms all of the time that they’re drilling or studying. So for these two weeks of March, there are tons of students around wearing their olive uniforms (including little olive-colored hats).

Also, camo, as a fashion thing, is very “in” here. Camo pants, shirts, hats, bags, you get the idea. So now comes the combination. The students that are studying National Defense, also carry their bags around with them most of the time, and, following the trend of the times, a good number of them are camo.

This morning was the second time I’ve seen this. I was strolling to the office this morning on the new internal road on campus, and saw a girl apparently waiting for someone at the gate. It was a first-year student, wearing her olive uniform, with a camo bag slung over her shoulder. I glanced at the bag, and on it was written: “U.S. ARMY.”

Today also happens to be my dad’s birthday, even though as I write this, it’s still the evening before his birthday in Ohio. Happy 56th dad!!


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