On Saturday evening I finally made it to the Trade Fair in Long Xuyen. The previous two years I’ve made excuses, been busy, or just been lazy and never gone. But this year a few students invited me and I met them at 7:30 in the evening near the university and we progressed into the madness of the trade fair. Every tiny shop to hotel and every business in between that was located near the trade fair was offering motorbike parking services (with huge price mark-ups). We found a place to park and then got to the fair and paid for some tickets and walked inside. It was pretty crowded.

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We met up with two other students inside the fair, bringing our total number to 5, including me. One student was actually performing on one stage and we watched a few of her numbers. I saw a student from another class, and was forced to play a game with tons of loud kids around me.

After several dance acts, an interesting band took to the stage.

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I watched them perform three songs, including “La Bamba,” sung by an older Vietnamese man who was also playing the bass. After seeing the band, we walked around and did stereotypical “fair” things: we ate ice cream, bought drinks and snacks and walked around checking things out. Although it was getting late, my students didn’t want to go home just yet. I suggested a snack of grilled beef, and they agreed.

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This is Hue and Luan, the treasurer and monitor, respectively, of my second-year class.

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