Two days ago, almost instantly, someone started erecting a fence around our guesthouse. It was said that the reason for this was because a visiting teacher had his bicycle stolen. However, we, as foreigners living in our own house already feel rather isolated from campus, and having a fence around our house was just another symbolic barrier between us and everyone else, as if there aren’t enough already. We already have a wall around campus B. And the speed at which the fence went up was annoying too. We barely have internet in the guesthouse and it’s only because of me and Hendrik found a bunch of parts around the place and made it work. I’m still waiting for my busted water boiler to be replaced (2 weeks and counting), and yet they can react to a theft and start to build a fence in less than 24 hours. Lillian went and talked to someone and we have all agreed to sign a letter saying we will lock the garage at all times, and construction seems to have halted for the moment.

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The stupid fence.


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