It’s another afternoon with temperatures in the mid-90s. Lam and I are hiding in the air-conditioned office and he told me that he doesn’t want to go out. Luckily, I have no classes this afternoon, and I can only hope that this heat wave passes within the next few days, but I have a lingering suspicion that it’s going to be this way until the rains come.

This morning was the beginning of the presentations by my second-year students. This week and next week is dominated by presentations, which means little or no planning on my part. This morning we discussed the film El Norte which we watched for movie night last Sunday, and after a pretty good discussion we launched into the presentations. I had invited Tyler, Lillian, and Lam from my office (he teaches them French, and is currently studying English). One of the presentations dragged on for too long but contained some interesting information, and the other two were pretty concise and interesting. We have double the amount of presentations tomorrow, and I’ll try to post some pictures.


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