The internet here has been having problems since Friday, and still today it might work, and it might not, with no way of knowing until you try it. The official word is that something happened with the cable in a neighboring province, and no one is quite sure when everything will be back to normal.

And it’s hot here. On Monday I was in the classroom (un-air-conditioned, remember) for more than 6 hours, finishing my listening and speaking class and sweating, and later lecturing about Huck Finn and worrying that I might faint. But I didn’t and somehow survived the day. The problem now is that it’s so humid. Your skin feels clammy. And my internet weather thingy said that at 10:30 this morning it was over 100. When the sun goes down, it doesn’t change much, because the moisture is still floating around in the air. I was driving to the office this afternoon and I swear I could feel my eyeballs overheating. I hope the rain comes soon.

But yeah, I’m now finished teaching listening and speaking for the semester. Now there’s just a ton of little odd jobs to do, like grading their research tests (along with the control class’s), typing up their critiques of IC3, submitting all the paperwork for the final exam, etc. Things that aren’t really a lot of work separately, but put them together and you’ve got a lot.


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