Yesterday morning the heat was terrible. After lunch I went home and napped and was fearful of the heat in the afternoon because I would be out teaching in it. But there were little cool gusts of wind and it didn’t seem to be as hot. And in class I heard something strange: thunder. However, there was no rain. When I was out having dinner, the rain finally fell. And it was wonderfully cool. Around lunchtime today a light rain was falling, and when it stopped, the air felt wonderful. Finally, some relief from this heat.

At the moment, I’m typing some student’s critiques of the IC3 program that I’ve just wrapped up. It’s just what you would expect: some have good things to say and others complain a lot; typical college-student stuff. However, one of the pieces of paper had a short message about me. It went like this:

“And I also want Eric to teach our class next year and next year and 4ever (but the next 2 years are okay, because I want to graduate!). Thanks for teaching me.”

Things like this are going to make leaving this place tough for me.

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