What is this idea of happiness? It’s a central concept in the States “the pursuit of happiness.” It’s listed on every piece of stationary here “Independence, Freedom, Happiness.” But what is meant with this word: happiness? Does it mean having enough to eat? Having enough things to live comfortably? Having a family? Is it just a fleeting feeling that you get when reading or watching something that makes you laugh? When can you say that you are actually happy?

I’m not sure that I’m truly happy here. I have lots of fun, and I take joy from seeing the happiness of others, but I don’t think I am really happy. I have no family here, and no friends that I matured with. Sure, I have many good friends here, but they weren’t there during some of my most formative years. I guess it comes from a slight sense of isolation; of having no one that I was close to before I came being here now. I’m not sure if it’s natural or if I’m weird, but I was thinking about all these things as I drove around yesterday. Happiness. It seems so central to our lives, but what is it? And how do we attain it? And what is required for it? Life is good for me here and I couldn’t ask for anything more, but the lack of people that I developed with seems to leave me a little lonely at times…

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