The sun is hot as raw electricity and I hide in my room with curtains drawn and A/C on. It’s Sunday, the day of rest, and I’m taking that very seriously, especially today. Even the cat has retreated into a desk cupboard, though it really can’t be cooler in there. I’m hunched over the computer typing and listening to obscure music with a exhaust burn on my right leg from an embarrassing event yesterday–a lottery ticket a friend bought me didn’t win, which is usually the norm in this country. The summer lies ahead, a mostly black area of unknown. I’d like to visit another country near here while I still have the chance, but I don’t even know the fate of my visa at this point. If I leave now, I can’t get back in the country and I’d be stuck somewhere living in a hotel until I could get another visa somehow. One thing that I know for sure is that I’ll have to do the yearly move-out at the beginning of next month so that they can use the International Guest House for the university entrance exam. I’ll be in a room with no fridge and I’ve heard they’ve been recently remodeled, with good and bad reviews. Books wait to be read and a few tests wait to be graded too, and the sun recharges and waits to heat the landscape every evening.

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