This past weekend the small delegation from AGU returned from their short trip to the States to attend one session of the Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU). This small delegation consisted of two English teachers and two of my second-year students from class 6d1 (technically they’re now third-year students I guess). I’d been in contact with the students a little via Yahoo Messenger, and was aware of some of their difficulties acclimating and studying in Virginia, and I’d told them that I’d like to take them out to coffee when they got back. So yesterday I got a phone call and was invited out to breakfast on Monday morning. So we went out and I had a million questions for them about what they did and what they saw and what they ate, etc. And of course they too had great stories about weird things that they encountered and flying, etc. It was a good conversation and a good time. I finally had to leave to get some other work done, but I’d still like to hear more of their impressions from their short trip. However, I’ve heard a rumor that these two students might be my “IC3 assistants” in the coming semester.

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Here is Thong (pronounced quite similarly to the English name “Tom”) and Hue (pronounced something like the English word “weigh”). Also included in the picture is a nice close-up of my finger.


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