Eck… I’ve been sick over the past few days and it really isn’t too pleasant. I was down with a host of symptoms: a fever, a cough, runny nose, etc. However, after what feels like about 2 days in bed I’m feeling much better now. And the sky just opened up and currently rain is being dumped onto the dusty ground.

I called home yesterday as the occasion was Father’s Day, and talked to the folks at home which was very nice. They were headed up to a ball game in Cleveland, and I really would’ve liked to be there. I guess the next time that I’ll actually see a baseball game in person will be next spring. As a matter of fact, the last distinct baseball game that I remember watching on T.V. was with Kari during the playoffs between Boston and the Yankees in 2004… What a great series…

Steven will be leaving Vietnam on Friday, the 29th of this month. He’s already planning several goodbye parties, which is something that must be done because you can’t have everyone you know come to one party; just too expensive and too many people at once. Once he’s gone only I will remain here for the summer.

And just because it’s raining, here’s the Beatles: Rain

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