Tomorrow is the final day of the An Giang University entrance exam. The general figures that I have heard concerning this exam is that about 18,000 students will take the exam, but there are only approximately 2,000 openings to attend AGU. Those aren’t very good chances for getting accepted, no matter how good a student you are.

The campus feels strange on these days; it’s very still during the testing hours, and I get angry glances from the guards if I drive too close to the testing locations. Today I decided that it would just be easier to walk out to the copy shop (it really isn’t that far anyways). I also heard that the completed–yet ungraded exams are not only kept under lock and key, but there are three police officers posted there around the clock. However, I’m glad that this over-dramatic show of security will be over tomorrow and hopefully I can move back to my real room. The place where I’m staying now isn’t too bad, but my motorbike has been having problems after sitting in the rain because there’s no garage, and there seems to be quite an insect problem too.

Here are the crowds of families, relatives and friends waiting for the people they know outside the university during the exam.


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