Something that usually happens when living in another place/culture, weird things happen that you don’t like and then you want to go home. So, now I’ll relate two things that’ve happened over the weekend that made me just want to give up, throw in the towel, and go home. The first was on Saturday evening, and I had reluctantly agreed to co-teach some children’s English classes at the Center for Foreign Languages here at AGU. I went to the class and it wasn’t too bad, but there were literally hundreds of thousands of these damn little bugs everywhere attracted to the lights. They’re just tiny, but they fly around everywhere and in the morning are dead on the ground. So, I got through the class, and then I got a call from a friend to come hang out. I got on my motorbike and started driving, and sometimes I had to almost stop because I was squinting so much because of the damn bugs. Then, I met my friend, and we were sitting and watching the soccer game between Vietnam and Iraq. Then, the horror of all horrors happened. I had to answer the call of nature, and there was a bright fluorescent light in the bathroom. I went inside, and it reminded me of the show “Fear Factor.” The technical name for them is brown plant hoppers, but inside that small bathroom they were like something from hell. They swarmed all over me. They got inside my shirt and hair, and somehow even got under the souls of my feel. It was awful. I sent a text message to Lillian saying that I wanted to go home. And the next morning I stepped into the hallway to see thousands of them dead everywhere.

And then on Sunday I went to the supermarket here in town. I just had two things to buy, but of course there were only a few checkout lines open, so I had to stand and wait for several minutes. Finally, when I was next in line, I man just stepped in front of me and said something like, “I’m going first.” I really wanted tell him how rude he was, but realized that in this culture, I’d be the one who looks bad. I just don’t see how people can think it’s their right to go in front of someone else in line. I don’t care how much older you are or whatever. If there’s no emergency, then stay back and wait your turn. It was just a little thing, but that again almost made me snap and just want to leave this place.


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