Last Sunday Sabrina and I were hanging out and I in particular was feeling extra lazy. “We should do something,” one or both of us said. We decided to go to Nui Sap (The Collapsing Mountain) which is about 20 km away from Long Xuyen and see what we could see. It was a nice little trip and although I’ve been there a couple times before, this visit was by far the best.

I drove up the steepest part of the mountain, then I parked and we walked. It’s the beginning of the flood season here in the Delta, and the fields looked amazing from the top of this mountain (some would call it a glorified hill).

There’s even a very underdeveloped “Tourist Area” near the mountain with a lake (we weren’t sure if it was natural or man-made). However, there was another area nearby that was much more natural-looking and undeveloped with cliffs rising out of the water.

And finally we hiked up another hill looking for a pagoda that we saw in the distance, but we found one that was under construction and also met a friendly monk who spoke a few words of English and smiled a lot. There was an interesting-looking tree that was in the process of crushing a rock and I took a picture before my camera died.

We got back to Long Xuyen with slight sunburns and I was exhausted and slept well that night.


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