Another weekend, another trip to one of the seven mountains in An Giang. This particular Sunday Sabrina and I headed for Cam mountain, the highest in the province at 2,329 feet above sea level. They wouldn’t let me drive up the mountain, and we didn’t have the time to walk, so we hired to motorbike drivers to take us to the top. I thought I’d been at the top before, but yesterday I learned that I hadn’t been even close. The air was hazy at the summit, but we could still see for miles. There were flooded rice fields all around and other smaller mountains in the distance. A stiff breeze blew in our faces and evaporated the sweat that I’d worked up climbing the final meters. Everything even smelled different. I’ve been to lots of places all over Vietnam. I’ve been to Ha Long bay, the northern mountains, through mountain passes in the center of the country, and to Da Lat in the southern-central mountains, but I’d say that Cam mountain, right here in An Giang, had the most gorgeous scenery of them all.

This picture was taken as I rode down the mountain after visiting the peak as well as a beautiful pagoda near the top of the mountain. After the ride back to Long Xuyen, we were both exhausted and I went to bed early to rest up for the first day of class.

Then today. The final first day of class for me at AGU. I walked near the room and there were exclamations. I stepped inside the room and there were cheers. Every one of the 38 students in 6d1 stood up and had a smile on their face. I couldn’t wipe a silly grin off my face. I missed these guys. I started teaching them about a year-and-a-half ago, when they were only freshmen. Now they’re beginning their third year and I still can’t believe it. As I was wrapping up the first day they asked if they could organize a party in my guest house this weekend, and of course I said yes.


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