Yesterday I woke up and there was a bad smell in the room. I looked around and noticed that the cat had puked on the floor, which is not the first thing you want to see in the morning. But anyway, I cleaned it up while my eyes were still opening, went through my early-morning routine and went to the office.

When I went home for lunch I discovered that the power was out, and managed to take a fitful and very warm nap on the couch before getting up and going to class. Then I came home in the afternoon about 5, and the power was just coming back on, but there was a horrible smell coming from my bedroom. “I cleaned up that mess,” I told myself. I couldn’t really imagine what the awful smell was. It was noticeably worse than in the morning or at lunchtime. So I turned on the light and looked under my bed. It was a dead mouse. And it was pretty big for a mouse, about 4-5 inches long (not including the tail). After baking in a room with no power most of the day, it was rank! I threw it out and then doused the bedroom with air-freshener. Oh the glory of having a cat…


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