The power line “repairing” events that have taken place over the past week seem to be over, and the electric stability here at AGU seems to be much better, which is better for everyone in terms of staying cool. There are tons of new people living here in the guest house which is quite a difference from mid-July where, for a few nights, I was the only resident of this place. However, this weekend, five people went to Ho Chi Minh City. They tried to convince me to go with them, but I just feel tired and want to hang around Long Xuyen and not travel on buses for ten hours over the course of 36 hours. So I’m just here chilling today, while the threat of rain looks ever more real outside my window.

I seem to be feeling better about the future of my last semester here, and am trying not to let all my negativity about this place pour out of me when I feel like it. However, I still find it hard to believe that it’s already September and I’ll be going home in such a short time. It’s almost a fatalistic feeling or something; a feeling of, “oh well, I’ll be home soon, it doesn’t really matter that much…” That’s exactly what I shouldn’t be feeling, or at least my conscious is saying that I shouldn’t be feeling. Oh well, here’s a song for the month. Wake Me Up When September Ends


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