The way I see it, I’ve been through roughly three stages of thinking since I’ve been here:

-The initial “everything is new and amazing” and “curious about everything” phase. I think this first phase lasted about a year or slightly more. I was learning the culture and how to behave and speak and get around. I learned a lot from this time.
-The analysis phase. This was when me and some of the other foreigners used to sit around and wonder why people here did the things they did and come up with ridiculous to slightly plausible theories to explain the strange behavior of some of the people here. This was a fun time too.
-The apathetic phase. I’m afraid that this is now. I just don’t seem to care that much about anything. I wanna get outta here, but I’m also scared of going home. It’s like limbo or purgatory or something. It’s the “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here” phase, if that makes any sense. There are still some things that I like about life here, but little annoying things have been adding up and growing on me for perhaps the past month, and it’s manifesting now in my thoughts and words.

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