Things seem slightly better this week. It’s still really hot and I don’t like suffering through it in the classrooms, but at least the power seems to be staying on more regularly and a bit of rain has fallen to cool things down at times. Sometimes, even while driving the motorbike, I can feel the intense heat of the sun burning into my skin even though the air is flying by.

Also, now there are four new people at AGU living in the guest house. Will, Michelle, and Minh are teaching in the same department as me and adjusting to the teaching lifestyle (if I can call it that). Also, another German student, Bich, has arrived and is living in Hendrik’s old room (now sometimes referred to as “the German room”). Last night Minh and Bich were over in my room, hanging out and watching T.V. shows and chatting and what-have-you…

here’s Minh

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And Bich…


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