It’s a drizzly day here in Long Xuyen. It makes for cooler weather though, which I can’t complain about. Throughout this week I’ve trying to hang out with my friends that I’ve made here over the years. My remaining time here is quickly dwindling and even if I start now, I don’t think I could ever spend a decent amount of time with all of my friends in this little city. Classes are still going fairly well, and in two more weeks (starting on November 5th), I will basically have no teaching responsibilities because my students will be away completing their high school classroom observation. I’m going to visit Tyler in Hue during that time, and that will most likely be my final trip in Vietnam.

There’s not too much worthy of being written about now. Classes and extra-curricular activities are going along relatively okay and time and life is floating smoothly by.

And just for fun…

Me and Buong…


Some random things on my desk at 9:50 a.m. on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 (from left to right, and by no means all-inclusive).

-A tape dispenser
-A menu from a pizza restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City
-A pocket calender (I’d be lost without it)
-A 2000 Dong note (about 12.5 cents)
-My university ID badge
-A piece of paper with a German phrase on it
-Guitar strings
-A postcard from Switzerland
-A small bust of Ho Chi Minh
-A receipt from the motorbike repair shop
-An old wedding invitation
-A pen holder from a friend
-A pen holder from a student
-A miniature statue of Jesus (a replica of the one in Vung Tau)
-A business-card holder from Malaysia (given to me by a student)
-Five dictionaries and one phrasebook

Let’s see, this past weekend Charles was here…

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Charles now has the distinction of being the only friend during my entire time in Long Xuyen, to actually come down to the delta to visit me. We met in 2001, during our first year at Bluffton College, and subsequently traveled to Vietnam two times as Bluffton students. And then last fall I heard the news that he had arrived in Cambodia and was working with MCC. Anyway, he arrived on Friday afternoon and went to a couple classes with me, and then stayed till Monday morning, which included attending English Speaking Club. Actually, it was the first English Speaking Club of the semester that I’d attended as well, due to some miscommunication two weeks ago. The topic of the evening was “Identity” and things went along rather well.

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And then this morning Charles and I hopped on the motorbike and went to Chau Doc and found him a boat up the Mekong to Cambodia.

Well, things are settling down a little after a couple of hectic days and more time spent searching for an available LCD projector for my students to use, as well as an empty classroom. Now Charles Conklin is here in Long Xuyen, but he’s out wandering, and I haven’t been able to find him yet…

I can’t believe it! The Indians took the Yankees down! Oh man, I really wish there were people in this town that cared about baseball… It’s been nine years since they’ve made it this far, and it’s a terrible time to not be in Ohio.

Within minutes of me reading the news online, I got an email from dad with one line: “We did it! Bring on the Bosox.” I think it’s appropriate that I’m horribly homesick now.

I recently encountered this sentence which struck me as quite beautiful. I’d ask people to guess who the author is, but Google makes things like that all too easy… Anyway:

“But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires.”