The weather has been unusual today. It’s been mostly overcast and there have been rather heavy rain showers on and off. And, after waking up early and getting to the office, the power flickered (never a good sign) and the internet didn’t work. So, when things don’t work, I headed to breakfast as usual, and hoped that things would be better. However, sitting at breakfast I started to feel bad, like achy arms and legs and an itchy throat. I went back to the office and finished an assignment sheet for one of my classes, and then went home to lie down. As I imagined though, there was no power at home. I also discovered that for some reason due to the power outage, there was no running water at home. Luckily because of the lack of sun and the abundance of rain, my room wasn’t getting too hot, and I faded in and out of sleep while the rain stopped and started. I got up around lunchtime, but still didn’t feel much better. I rooted around in my fridge to find something to eat, and found the garlic-laden pesto that Lillian, Bich, and I had made last night. I thought the garlic would make me feel better, but so far it hasn’t. Now I’m a few minutes away from going to class, handing them an assignment sheet, and saying that I’m sick and they can complete the assignment on their own time. Ugh, I do not like being sick…

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