It’s a drizzly day here in Long Xuyen. It makes for cooler weather though, which I can’t complain about. Throughout this week I’ve trying to hang out with my friends that I’ve made here over the years. My remaining time here is quickly dwindling and even if I start now, I don’t think I could ever spend a decent amount of time with all of my friends in this little city. Classes are still going fairly well, and in two more weeks (starting on November 5th), I will basically have no teaching responsibilities because my students will be away completing their high school classroom observation. I’m going to visit Tyler in Hue during that time, and that will most likely be my final trip in Vietnam.

There’s not too much worthy of being written about now. Classes and extra-curricular activities are going along relatively okay and time and life is floating smoothly by.

And just for fun…

Me and Buong…


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