Impressions of driving (soon to be forgotten).

My students told me it was cold, and yeah, the air was slightly cooler than usual, but then again it was 8:30 in the evening and my shirt was made out of thin fabric. There were the occasional horn beeps as usual, and I made a left turn through an intersection without too much hesitation, and that bumped up my spirits just a tiny bit. Crossing the bridge I noticed that the water level was high and I looked left and saw the moon through wispy clouds. And then there was a person cooking something on the sidewalk and the smoke was billowing through another intersection, and it smelled like they were cooking pork, but I wasn’t sure. I went down a narrow street and there was a teenager running against traffic; I always wonder why people here run in the streets… most likely because there aren’t many other places to run I guess. I got through the big square without hitting the brakes, which is always a nice feeling, and saw the people on the sidewalk eating various types of snacks and then turned right. I looked into my friend’s family’s shop, but didn’t see him and then stopped at a light and then when it was green gunned my way through the intersection, while making over-exaggerated moves to indicate which side of opposing motorbikes I was going to drive by. I glanced to my left and fiddled with the clutch, gears, brakes, and throttle as I went through the big roundabout, and then looked to my right and dodged traffic coming from that direction before I was through it. Then I turned and was on a smaller road and the people riding and walking around were younger. I went straight past a cart selling boiled corn that I can’t eat because I’ve been spoiled by sweet corn my whole life. And then I was on a dirt and gravel bumpy road before going through the gate and winding around the campus and parking in the garage. Finally, inside my room, there weren’t other people around, and my cat wanted to see me.


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