The weather is still nice and cool in Long Xuyen and the sunshine is warm and actually feels good instead of burning/scorching the skin. Last night a Dutch man who’s living in town organized a St. Nickolaus Day party and there was lots of good food and opening of presents, etc, and then it started to rain on us and we all took shelter under a small roof. It was a good evening, but I was exhausted and went to bed early and then woke up earlier than usual in order to teach an extra class in the morning. Then, after finishing that particular class (a discussion of Huckleberry Finn), a student from another class ran up to me and asked me to teach an extra class in the afternoon. All this teaching of extra classes is so that hopefully everyone can finish early, benefiting the students so they have more time to study for exams, and benefiting teachers with extra time off (or in my case, time to pack to head for home). So I’ve got an unusually busy afternoon ahead, but nothing I can’t handle.


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