This is my favorite welcome sign for Long Xuyen. It’s on a smaller road that leads out into one of the districts; a road that not many foreigners would travel on. The other signs on the bigger roads with more traffic have been replaced with bright pictures and English translations, but this one is still my favorite. It’s a few kilometers from AGU and the paint on it is peeling. The literal translation is: “The City of Long Xuyen Welcomes its Honored Guests”

I went out for a short cruise around some parts of Long Xuyen around lunchtime to some of the places where they are currently building/developing. I went to check the progress of the new campus of the university and saw that they are starting to build a new story on what will soon be the new administration buildings.
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This whole area where these building are being constructed used to be full of grass taller than me and water buffaloes grazing.

Around this area was the deserted road where I first learned to drive a motorbike, but now is becoming ever-more developed with the university building and housing development nearby.

Also, where the road used to dead-end into a rice paddy, it now continues into a housing development.
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The changes that have happened over the past three years in the area amaze me…


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