I’m back in Ohio and it’s cold. It was lightly snowing a couple hours ago but now it’s stopped, and I think the wind has too. The wind is something that I just can’t handle: it’s SO cold. Even when the temperature isn’t below freezing, the wind just sucks any heat out of me. All the trees and vegetation around the house appear completely dead and the wind whistles around the corners of the house.

The house. This home that hasn’t really been my home ever. It wasn’t completed until I had started college, and so I’ve lived here for a few summers, but that’s all. Now I’m wondering what home really is… So far, no one has even asked about Vietnam or even seemed to notice that I’ve been gone for three years. I’m not sure what to make of that, but ostensibly it makes you feel like you’re not the highest of value and that people didn’t even notice that you were gone in the first place. Maybe it’s just that people here have no frame of reference to go on, so they don’t want to ask about a country that they know little about, or maybe they think that the easiest thing is just to pretend that I was never gone, or something like that. The base conversations and discussions about seemingly irrelevant topics is one thing that’s starting to get on my nerves, but we’ll see what happens within the next week or so.

Today I called several old college friends, and although I only talked to one person initially, most of them eventually called me back and some tentative plans to see them are being drawn up.


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