Well, I’ve applied for several jobs now, and even had an interview, but still I haven’t heard anything back from anyone. I think it’s the waiting that’s getting to me. I just browse around on the internet, find a job that looks interesting/appealing, then fire off my resume to them and wait more and search more and contact a few more people that might be able to help me in some way. It’s strange being at home with no vehicle to get me around, but it actually isn’t that bad; there’s plenty of food around here and I’ve only left the house once in the past week or so. It could be said that I’m lonely, but I don’t really feel that way; just sometimes wondering what I’m doing here when I could get a job in a few minutes in Vietnam.

But I’ve been cooking up some strange stuff that doesn’t taste too bad, and that I’m enjoying. I’m also liking all the reading that I’m able to catch up on while waiting, waiting for someone to contact me back with some glimmer of hope about a job.


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