Since this blog is kinda open-topic now, I’m posting this rant, completely unedited and devoid of punctuation:

I see the best minds of my generation destroyed their minds warped by greed their eyes void through their need for the next thing delivered from the goddess of lust and her fair husband power I see the best of my generation the eyes empty and lifeless the head in a puddle of slime while the torso and trunks lumber on towards the next neon sign offering instant updates and discounts and orgies and blood flowing through the sand I see the best minds of my generation listless and apathetic to this world the death doesn’t matter as long as I can drive my pickup another 6,000 miles who knows how far a kilometer is my generation my people my comrades who feared not the reactions of others now only care about the newest conditioner and foaming body wash discount I see the best minds of this generation who refused any opiate of the masses now bow and prostrate and writhe in fear of the awesome power of mammon may he be praised in all his destructive power and glory my people have been blinded by the bright green light and are now having their flesh devoured by what they sought to console them I’ve done my singing I’ve tried my preaching I’ve railed I’ve used the best rhetoric I have I’ve tried and failed we are a lost generation a generation with souls containing no dust no ashes only blackness and no light a generation of emptiness and nothing a generation that is blind and will be forgotten a generation that has destroyed itself through apathy and avarice and cowardice I see the best of my kind float about lost and wandering they have no purpose yet create one in their cranium-centric heads we are lost to the critical winds of eternity for the haughtiness that we created I see the best minds of my generation hopeless because they have drained the hope they have whitewashed blackness from humanity and declared madness unconstitutional along with freedom of the mind where are our poets and prophets where are the mad philosophers and sad con men where are WE the best minds of my generation have left their passports of humanity before burning them with the green fires that have overtaken the beauty the resolve the essence that makes us be

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