Late last week the newspaper published a story that I wrote about some local establishments and their violations of the anti-smoking law here. Then yesterday I was out taking a picture of Joe Schriner (of all people) and doing some medical-related stuff, and I came back to find a letter lying on my desk. I am retyping it in its entirety, including the original italics and mistakes:

Mount Vernon News
P.O. Box 791
Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050

Note supporting Mr. Burdette’s article re: smoking complaints.

Dear Sir,

I want to commend you on a very well written article regarding this law, which has striking similarities to the ill-fated prohibition law. What is most disturbing is that Mr. Brian Bennick is compelled to respond to every anonymous complaint. It sounds like he would make a good Gestapo agent.

What would happen if some radical group targeted judges, police officers or politicians? What a mes our state legislators created here? What is the ACLU position on this travesty of civil rights? Is the subject still too politically incorrect?

I must commend those club owners for their stand in this matter. I am certainly confused in regards to the silence of those veteran organizations. Then, they were supposed to be exempt according to how the law was presented to the voters. If so, why did they post the “No Smoking Signs’ on their building? Is there a swastika hidden in that sign?

.Thanks again for a well written article and to those that had the courage to contribute!

Respectfully yours,

-John C. Davidson

P.S. I know you are aware of the problems the Richland County Sheriff’s department is having due to reacting to unreliable sources and tips. At least the Chief of the Mansfield Police had the good sense not to involve his officers in that mess. Unfortunately, many elected officials feel they are immune to criticism and the rights of those who elected them!


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