There’s been a lot of talk about hope in the current primary which just took a major step forward yesterday and last night. That started me thinking on my early morning drive to work about hope in general. To be more precise, is there any hope left for the world, and even if there is, is it worth pursuing? For example, I’m hopeful that the world will change and people will stop doing the stupid, irreversible things to the world that have put us now in this current condition. With my decision to consume less, am I contributing to hope for the future? Or am I simply detracting from the economy and people’s jobs, and sucking the hope out of their lives? Is it a worthwhile dream to want to experience other countries and cultures and declare with my actions that this county/state/country is hopeless? Or should I remain here while trying to increase the hope for the future? Is there hope for this country? I’m honestly not sure at the moment, and that’s why my eyes and mind are focused on horizons outside of this place for the moment. Nothing is planned, but the hope is still there inside of me.


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