In the news today:
A man in Ohio shot and stabbed his wife in front of her fifth-grade class.
A man in Missouri shot and killed five people at a city council meeting.
Veterans of Iraq, younger than me, are accused of killing fellow soldiers here in the states.

Sometimes I think the question to ask it not, “What’s wrong with this country?” but, “What isn’t wrong with this country?” Anyway, fuck it, I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to skip out of work a little early today and go to a concert in Columbus to nullify my thoughts, I don’t care whether or not anyone can join me.

And my fingers still smell like garlic from dinner last night.

And I sure could go for a cafe da right now.

And one year ago on the second day of the year of the pig, I was in the constant companionship of the best friends and colleagues for at least eight hours every day. This year I’m alone with a Bassett Hound.


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