The roads have been absolutely treacherous over the past day or two. Yesterday it took me four tries to make it up the hill near my house because the road was covered with a slushy ice mix that my tires just couldn’t grip. This morning I had thoughts about staying home and calling off work for at least a half-day, but decided to give the roads a try, and made it, albeit slowly and cautiously, to work. The problem kinda stems from the fact that the area of Carson Road where I live is not very densely populated and also gravel, so it doesn’t receive a lot of attention from the snowplows. Yesterday I was muttering words that are not appropriate for children to hear as I tried and tried to drive up the ice-slush hills.

And on Monday I got a notice in the mail to go to the post office to pick up a registered package. This has made me very curious as to what is in the package and who sent it. Unfortunately, the post office is the opposite direction from my house as work is, and it closes at 5 p.m., which happens to be the same time that I get off work, so I won’t be able to sign for this package until Saturday. Until then I just have to wonder about it. It’ll probably be something boring and mundane, and is most likely the car part I ordered last month.

Oh, and Barack Obama won three primaries last night, which always makes good news for me.

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