The road was covered with slush today, and after I surmounted the hill that I thought would be the most trouble, I couldn’t control the car going down another hill and ended up sliding off of the road and into a small ditch. I wasn’t stuck too badly, and I called around to Bryan (my brother-in-law) and the roadside assistance (which I would’ve had to pay for), but then Bryan called back and said that he could come and pull me out, which he did and it honestly took very little effort on the part of his van. It’s just not a good feeling to lose control of a moving vehicle. After he’d pulled me out, he asked if I was ready to go back to Vietnam. “Yes!” I answered emphatically.

And here are the two birthday boys from last weekend with Chad. Let’s find the weird connections from college: Chad (center) was my homo-social lifemate and Christian (right) was my ex-lover.

The term “homo-social lifemate” came from something that Chad and I studied in our critical theory class, and I think the term “ex-lover” came from some late night conversation/argument at a truck stop after too much coffee and too many cigarettes.


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