The past couple of days were good. On Saturday evening, Josh and I went to a Clippers game in Columbus. He’d never been to a game, and this was my first baseball game in nearly four years. It also happened to be major league hat night, so we picked out our favorite teams and wore the hats throughout the game. Earlier in the day some light rain had been falling, and we were worried that they might cancel the game, but it was only delayed by about 30 minutes.


Because of the rain and the cooler weather, there weren’t many people at the game, which meant a decent view. And when we walked in we got coupons that said if the Clippers scored three runs or more we could come to another game for free. Well, in the third inning, the Clippers scored five runs, so we’re hopefully going back next week to take advantage of our free game.

While we were watching the game, we ate a ton of sunflower seeds, and by the time we finished all the seeds the floor below our feet and the seats in front of us (empty of course) were covered in the shells. This picture shows our left cheeks stuffed with sunflower seeds to the point that we look like squirrels or something.


On Sunday morning, I convinced Josh to go to the Vietnamese pho restaurant not far from his place in Columbus for cafe da. Because the weather was warm, I said we could ask to take a table outside so we could smoke with our coffee. To my extreme excitement, there were already guys sitting outside and drinking coffee and smoking. We sat down and within minutes were talking to other people about Vietnam, I was doing my best to remember all my Vietnamese, and it was great! The Vietnamese guys there (one couldn’t really speak English at all) kept saying how expensive things were in the states, they even said that people weren’t really free here because of all the money that people have to spend. One guy went on about how no one in America just hangs out. That wasn’t exactly the term he used, but he said that people in America don’t go out for coffee, or beer, or anything. He said that people here just get up, work, eat, sleep, and then do it again. I couldn’t agree more. I told them that I’d like to go back to Vietnam someday because I could make more money than in the states, and they said it was a good idea. I think I even planted the seed of eventually trying to convince Josh to come to Vietnam…


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