Yesterday when I was killing time in the office, I found a can of that compressed air stuff and started cleaning off my laptop computer. This would be the first time that it’s been done since I’ve owned the thing, and that’s been almost two years. After I’d done a number on the keyboard and gotten all kinds of dust and animal hair out of it, I decided to give a shot of air into the fan vent. After doing so, the fan stopped running. My initial though was, “Wow, it must’ve been really dirty and just that burst of air cleaned it all off and cooled it all down.” However, after a couple minutes I thought better of it and turned off the computer and opened it up to have a look at the situation. As it turns out, the shot of air had wedged a hunk of dust and hair further into the fan itself, and it couldn’t even turn. I had to pull it out with tweezers (thank god for Swiss Army knives).


Today however, things seem to be running much better.

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