Another day of life in the states, another day of hearing dreary news about the costs of living. Gas is up with no sign of decreasing in price. Food is up because gas is up. Fertilizer, which as arguably increased the world’s population, and hence the demand for gas and food, has tripled in price. The U.S. dollar is falling like an anvil, which is not helping matters. “The housing market” is in free-fall as well. Congratulations America: you’ve created a fucked-up nation which has turned or is turning every person who isn’t super rich into a person of despair. “We have freedom!” some people say. Well, not the freedom to move because we’ve created a web of transportation dependent on cars and their driver’s income. Somehow the speculating on shaky prospects has created the problems with housing at the moment. And further speculation worldwide is causing the increases in food prices.

Yet Americans cling to the idea that America will return to it’s prosperous state and all will be well if we just get through this tough time. We’ll have a new president; we’ll be out of Iraq; we’ll have “green technology.” America pretends to ignore the fact that we are a nation of immigrants, and we can and possibly should move on, leaving the failed experiment in so-called democracy behind us. As my friend Eric Stutzman once said in describing the two of us: “You and me, we can flush the toilet; other people just stare at the shit.” Ditch this country. It ain’t worth saving.

Here’s The Clash signing a very relevant song for the times:

I’m So Bored with the USA

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